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We are a group of 12 students and 2 professors from Calvin College venturing to Indonesia for three weeks. While in Indonesia, we will visit schools and businesses, along with seeing the sights! We fly out from GRR on January 2 and arrive back in Grand Rapids on January 23.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 20: Chimps and Hippos and Zebras, Oh My!

Thaaaaaaat's right folks! It's blog time once again! Ready to hear about the grand adventures we took on this day? Well, ready or not, here we go!

This morning was probably my favorite of all of our morning in Indonesia. What amazing adventure did we go on? What awesome site did we see? What did we do, you ask? Nothing. Nothing at all. This morning we got to sleep in. It was wonderful after getting up by around 7 or 8 almost every other day of this trip. I spent it eating breakfast, writing journals, and just generally chilling. It was great.

Around 10:30 we headed to another monkey park. These were far nicer than the ones we met before. We fed them bananas and, following Nate's example from before, let them climb on our backs. They were very cute and mostly kind. It was a very enjoyable morning.

Chillin' at the pool

Susan feeding a monkey

For lunch we ate at the Dirty Duck restaurant. We all had duck or chicken and it was delicious. There was also some juice (which we guessed was mango pineapple) that was also very tasty. Overall, a very nice lunch. 

 At the Dirty Duck
At the Dirty Duck

After lunch we went to the Bali safari and marine park. First we attended a show involving live animals and a very impressive set. There were elephants, goats, ducks, and even a leopard. It was incredible to say the least, but we weren't allowed to take pictures, unfortunately. 

After the show we went on a safari in a van at the park. There were many cool animals, as you can see below. 

After the safari we stopped at McDonalds for some food to tide us over until dinner, we stopped by Tanah Lot (a market area by the beach) to see the sunset. It was gorgeous. Several people got wet and lots of pictures were taken. It was a nice end to the night.

 Sunset at Tanah Lot

Group photo (minus profs) at Tanah Lot

After Tanah Lot we drove back to the hotel and got our own dinners for the night. All in all in was a very good day in Indo.


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