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We are a group of 12 students and 2 professors from Calvin College venturing to Indonesia for three weeks. While in Indonesia, we will visit schools and businesses, along with seeing the sights! We fly out from GRR on January 2 and arrive back in Grand Rapids on January 23.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hong Kong

The past 27 hours have been a whirlwind of activity.  While our flight-- all 15.5 hours of it-- seemed as if it would never end, it now seems like a distant memory compared to the adventure we had in Hong Kong!

After landing in the Hong Kong International airport, we all waited in the immigration line and received what was, for many of us, our first stamps in our passports.

We exchanged our money into Hong Kong dollars, an exchange rate of about 1:7, and we hopped on a high speed express train to flash into Hong Kong Central.  From there, we walked to The Harbor  and took a boat to a different area of Hong Kong.

 View from ferry

Our goal?
The night market.

The night market is exactly what it sounds like: a market that runs "late" into the night.  The specific market we explored was called Temple Market, and the entrance was marked by a Torii and the alley was lined with paper lanterns and small red flags. We arrived around midnight, and the area was bustling.   The scene was exactly what one would expect from a outdoor market: vendors selling everything from food to fake Toms shoes to paintings and souvenirs. Some of us bartered for small items: scarves, watches, and small gifts for friends. The prices were hard to adjust to, but we all spent our Hong Kong Dollars wisely. For example, a watch cost 30 HKD, and a colorful scarf 50 HKD. 

More of Hong Kong

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! We have been blessed with health and safety, as well as energy and laughter.
Next stop? Jakarta!


Some other examples of HKD prices during our stint in Hong Kong:
Ferry: 25 cents
Train: 8 dollars
Bus: 23 dollars

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